Zoo Med ReptiBreeze Substrate Bottom Tray

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Zoo Med ReptiBreeze is a fantastic enclosure to house many species, but the mesh bottom can be a pain with some animals. This Substrate Bottom Tray is ideal to provide a hard surface to hold substrate in your ReptiBreeze


  • NanoBreeze Substrate Tray Nano
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  • ReptiBreeze Substrate Tray Small
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  • ReptiBreeze Substrate Tray Medium
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  • ReptiBreeze Substrate Tray Large
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Product Information

The Substrate Tray comes in a choice of 4 sizes to suit the ReptiBreeze you have, and is completely removable and washable.

Nano - 25 x 25cm (for use with NT9 - 25x25x40cm)

Small - 38cm x 38cm (for use with NT10 - 40x40x50cm, and NT11 - 40x40x76cm)

Medium - 45cm x 45cm (for use with NT12 - 46x46x92cm)

Large - 60cm x 60cm (for use with NT13 - 61x61x122cm)

ReptiBreeze also offer a stand for their cage, which you can find here.

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