Zoo Med Repticare 60w Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

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Ensure your reptile gets the warmth it needs to thermo-regulate without adding extra harsh white lights into your reptile home using Zoo Med Repticare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters, available at the best prices from Swell Reptiles.


  • Ceramic Heat Emitter 60w
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Product Information

Zoo Med Repticare Ceramic Heat Emitters are porcelain bulbs that give off heat but no light and are a perfect 24 hour heat source for all tropical and desert reptiles. Because they emit no visible light (relying instead on infrared spectrums), they won't upset your reptile's day/night cycle, keeping them healthy with a more natural lifestyle.

The bulb screws into a standard porcelain incandescent socket with an ES fitting, making it easy to set up in your reptile's environment.

The intense infrared heat, penetrates into the animals muscles, giving them a comforting warming feeling.

Additional Information:

  • Last up to 5 years (25,000 Hour average life).
  • Perfect for high humidity terrariums.
  • These bulbs carry a 1 year guarantee (as per instruction leaflet).
  • ideally suited to be used in conjunction with Zoo Med's Repti Porcelain Clamp Lamp.

The Ceramic Heat Emitter can increase the inside air temperature of your terrarium a full 5-10 deg C above the outside room temperature.

This is especially important when keeping "high temperature" tropical type reptiles like:

  • Green Iguanas.
  • Monitor Lizards.
  • Tengus.
  • Boas.
  • Pythons.
  • And other desert or tropical species requiring high (29 deg C+) temperatures.

Ceramic bulbs become very hot and should be used with a pulse proportional thermostat.

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    Zoo Med Ceramic Heat Emitter 60w
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