Zoo Med TurtleMatic Automatic Turtle Feeder

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Zoo Med TurtleMatic Automatic Turtle Feeder allows you to feed your turtle daily while you're away or just to give them a scheduled feeding routine. Never have to worry about feeding your turtle again!


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Product Information

Zoo Med TurtleMatic Automatic Turtle Feeder automatically feeds your turtle daily, which can be used to feed your turtle while you are away from home or to make sure that they have a regular feeding schedule each day.

The feeder also features a 12 hour sleep function to prevent any waste overnight and rotates 360°, meaning it can be mounted anywhere in your tank. There is an available side mounted port to attach an air pump (optional) to provide extra positive pressure to the feeding chamber, reducing humidity and prolonging freshness.

The TurtleMatic comes with 1 year guarantee and uses 3 x AA batteries (included).

This feeder works with small, medium and large sized pellets only (like Zoo Med's Aquatic Turtle pellet formulas). It is not for use with irregular sized treats, sticks or canned foods that cannot fit through the hole at the end of the feeder. Zoo Med's Aquatic Turtle Food bottles can screw directly to feeder top, increasing capacity.

Programming the Feeder:

  • Press the power button and confirm that the power light comes on. Choose how many times during the day you would like your turtle fed within a 12 hour period (1, 2, 3, or 4 times) by pressing the 'Feeding Frequency' button.
  • Next choose the amount of time you would like the feeder to run at each feeding (3, 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds) by pressing the 'Feeding Duration' button.
  • After you have programmed the amount of feedings and the duration, press 'Start' to save those settings; the first feeding will dispense once 'Start' is selected.

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