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Help and advice on shopping for: Scorpion Livestock

Scorpions help and advice

An adoption challenge

Scorpions are feisty pets, exhibit many interesting behaviours and abilities. Generally speaking, Scorpions can be quite defensive and don’t really show much affection, however, the way they move and hunt prey can be fascinating to pet lovers.

What are Scorpions?

Scorpions are a group of arachnids that are easily identifiable thanks to their iconic claws and stinger. There are over 2,000 species of Scorpion on Earth and they can be found on almost every continent, although they are unable to survive in cold climates. Scorpions are naturally defensive and shouldn’t be handled but they are fun to watch, especially when they are hunting live food.

Why should I buy a Scorpion?

The main reason to buy a Scorpion is to watch a powerful and interesting pet as it hunts and skitters around your enclosure. Most Scorpions are pretty easy to care for and are relatively inexpensive. While there are Scorpions that are dangerous to humans, those examples cannot be kept as pets in the UK without a license, and the Scorpions that can be kept without this can do nothing more than a mild bee sting.

What are the main types of Scorpion?

While there are thousands of Scorpions in the world, only a few species make good pets. At Swell Reptiles, we rotate our scorpions that are up for adoption which means that the only way to know which are available from our store is to check this page. We most commonly have Asian forest Scorpions and Giant vinegaroon whiptail scorpions up for adoption.

What should I look for when purchasing a Scorpion?

If you would like to adopt a Scorpion, build the enclosure for it first then take some pictures of it and head down to our Swell Superstore. At the store, we will examine the pictures of the enclosure and give you a short interview to determine if you’re prepared to adopt a Scorpion. We reserve the right to deny the adoption of a Scorpion to anyone we feel is unprepared. To help you get ready to adopt, we have a great range of enclosures, feeds and more.