Rainforest or tropical pets are a big part of the reptile family, including such popular species as Crested geckos, chameleons and even the likes of tree frogs.

Although these pets are loosely grouped as 'tropical' or 'rainforest' pets, it's important to do your research on what your pet's natural habitat is. How much heat do they need? How much humidity do they need?

Broadly speaking rainforest reptiles need less heat than desert reptiles. This is because in the desert the reptile is under the glare of the sun, whereas in the rainforest they are somewhat shaded by jungle canopies. As the name suggests, rainforests are somewhat moist on humid and so this is usually a consideration for tropical pets.

Many reptile enthusiasts favour a glass Terrarium over wooden reptile vivariums for obvious reasons. Glass may not have the insulating properties of wood, but it is definitely better at handling moisture.

For a substrate it's again down to personal choice. Orchid bark is hugely popular for tropical terrariums but we also now stock Sedge Peat which is ideal for scorpions, tarantulas and tree frogs to chameleons and crested geckos.

There are many ways of creating humidity in your terrarium, from foggers to drippers. You can also add a Waterfall or even make your own feature with our new Waterfall Kit.

You need to fill a jungle terrarium with a range of plants, vines and branches, especially for arboreal reptiles. Among our new range of artificial plants are the Horsetail Fern which, also called Snake Grass, gives a realistic bamboo-like look and the Button Fern which hangs down naturally so is perfect on a ledge.