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Help and advice on shopping for: Bearded Dragon Starter Kits

Kickstart your reptile keeping hobby

You may not know this, but Bearded dragons are not only one of the nation's favourite reptiles, but one of our most popular pets, full-stop. To help you get started with a Bearded Dragon we’ve put together a series of starter kits that will help your Bearded Dragon thrive.

What are Bearded Dragon starter kits?

Bearded Dragon starter kits are bundles of all the products you need to successfully house a Bearded Dragon. While the contents of the Swell kits vary depending on the level of kit you choose, all of them include a wooden vivarium, heating system, fitting and thermometer, substrate, UVB lighting unit, food bowls and even a hiding cave. The other Bearded Dragon starter kits we sell may contain different items.

None of these kits contains a live Bearded Dragon, you can adopt a Bearded Dragon from our Swell Superstore after being interviewed and showing a picture of the enclosure you intend to keep your reptile in. You can find out more about our range of Bearded Dragons on our Bearded Dragon Livestock page.

Why should I buy Bearded Dragon starter kits?

If you’re just getting started with Bearded Dragons and are new to the hobby of reptile keeping, a Bearded Dragon starter kit is a great way to get all the bits and pieces you need. As they are in a bundle together, the items in the starter kits tend to work out much cheaper than they would if bought separately. Depending on your budget, you can even get professional-level tools and hardware that will be useful for years to come.

What are the main types of Bearded Dragon starter kits?

We sell two types of starter kits, Swell Bearded Dragon starter kits and other Bearded Dragon starter kits. Other Bearded Dragon starter kits have been created by a specific brand and feature products from that brand while Swell Bearded Dragon starter kits feature products from different brands. Our Swell Bearded Dragon starter kits are further broken down into the following tiers:

Bronze - Bronze Bearded Dragon starter kits contain just the absolute essential tools a reptile keeper needs to care for a juvenile Bearded Dragon. Most of the equipment supplied is a little more basic, yet reliable. These kits come with smaller enclosures at the low end of a Bearded Dragon’s needs.

Silver - Silver Bearded Dragon starter kits have all you need to successfully keep an adult Bearded Dragon happy. They contain lots of basic and reliable tools as well as a few outstanding pieces.

Gold - Gold Bearded Dragon kits contain essentials for long-term reptile keeping, including improved lighting, heating and decor. Gold kits are designed for hobbyists looking to take their reptile keeping to the next level by creating exemplary habitats.

Platinum - Platinum Bearded Dragon kits contain everything a pro needs to create a spectacular enclosure. We offer as much as possible in our platinum Bearded Dragon kits to help you create something truly special that will become the centrepiece of any room.

If you are struggling to decide which of the sets is right for you, you can check out our guide about how to select a Bearded dragon starter kit.

What should I look for?

Once you’ve decided whether you want a Swell Bearded Dragon starter kit or one of the others we sell, it’s really about considering your budget and the level of kit you want to invest in. There’s no shame in picking up a bronze kit as you’re starting out with the hobby just as it’s completely fine to push the boat out and pick up a platinum kit if you’re ready to create something truly special.

You can learn more about Bearded Dragon care with our Bearded Dragon care sheet.