HabiStat Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit

Unique Bearded dragon accessory kit

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  • Bearded dragon accessory kit suitable for a 4ft vivarium setup
  • Kit includes all UV lighting, heating, supplements and accessories
  • Everything you need to set up your enclosure
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The HabiStat Bearded Dragon Accessory Kit is the ideal purchase, once you have your 4ft vivarium and Bearded Dragon bedding set up. The box contains a selection of Arcadia and HabiStat UV lighting, heating and accessories, chosen to perfectly match the requirements of keeping a Bearded Dragon. All the products are easy to set up and helpful instructions are also included in the kit. This kit can also be used for other large lizards, such as a Rankin's Dragon.

Accessory Kit includes:

  • Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit, Desert, 12% UVB, 39 Watt
  • Arcadia Ceramic Lamp Holder and Bracket Pro
  • HabiStat Basking Spot Lamp, Screw, 100 Watt
  • HabiStat Dimming Thermostat, High Range, White, 600 Watt
  • HabiStat Heater Guard, Rectangular, 12cm x 24cm
  • HabiStat Thermometer x 2
  • HabiStat Sandstone Feeding Dish
  • HabiStat Sandstone Water Dish
  • Arcadia Earth Pro Ca, 100g
  • Arcadia Earth Pro-A, 100g
  • HabiStat Medivet Insecta Snack, Eco Pak, 40g
  • HabiStat Bactericidal Cleaner, Standard, RTU Spray, 250ml
  • Arcadia Earth Pro Dragon Fuel, 125g
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