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Reptile Humidity

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Humidity

Recreate the conditions of the rainforest

Swell offers a brilliant collection of reptile humidity equipment to ensure that your reptile, amphibian or invertebrate has the proper humidity levels to thrive. In our collection, you will find leading brands such as Exo Terra, Komodo and MistKing, to help you simulate the humidity levels found in tropical climates.

What is reptile humidity?

Humidity is the presence of water vapour within the air, it’s generally measured in percentage and the average humidity in Britain is between 40% and 60%. However, many reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates come from rainforests and tropical climates, where the humidity levels can be between 75% and 90%. This means that many of the animals have evolved to be more comfortable at high humidity and may even use high humidity to their advantage - for example, many frogs will intake water by intaking humid air through their skin. Therefore, to ensure your exotic animal is happy and comfortable you will need to maintain humidity. The good news is that lots of things can help increase humidity levels, including a water bowl, water dish or misting system.

Why should I buy reptile humidity?

Reptile humidity products help to raise the humidity within a terrarium or vivarium. Misters, foggers and drippers help add humidity while analogue and digital hygrometers measure the humidity level in your terrarium or vivarium so you can ensure that it’s at the proper humidity level. By doing this you can ensure your pets are happy, healthy and comfortable. This is a key aspect of keeping tropical reptiles and will help them to develop stronger and happier. Some reptiles require incredibly dry enclosures and may need equipment to lower humidity, especially if you are running a desert reptile enclosure.

How do I keep the humidity in my reptile tank?

Depending on the needs of your pet reptiles and the humidity levels they require, a simple spray or two a day with a spray bottle should be enough to maintain a good humidity level. However, more ventilated enclosures with access to fresh air, or enclosures with more humidity demanding residents, may need a misting or rain system, which can be used in conjunction with a hygrostat to maintain a specific humidity level.

Do reptiles need high humidity?

This entirely depends on the reptile in question, some reptiles come from extremely arid environments and need far less humidity than the ambient British level, whereas others require very high humidity. It's important to research your pet thoroughly to determine the precise humidity levels for the species.

How does improper humidity harm reptiles?

For reptiles requiring higher humidity, humidity levels that are too low lead to dehydration and related issues, the most prominent being shedding issues, which can lead to further complications if not treated immediately. For reptiles that require low humidity, humidity levels that are too high often lead to the reptile developing respiratory or skin infections, both of which can be dangerous if not treated immediately. If you think your reptile is suffering from either of the above issues, you should seek veterinary advice to treat any ailments and reassess your setup right away to ensure the parameters remain in the required range for your chosen species.

What are the main types of reptile humidity?

Our reptile humidity range can be further divided into six areas; humidity gauges, foggers, rainmakers, water filters, water sprayers and waterfalls. Humidity gauges show the humidity within an enclosure, similar to a thermometer for temperature. Foggers create a fine mist to raise humidity. Rainmakers recreate monsoon-like conditions to improve the humidity by spraying a mist of water droplets like rain. Water filters take water from an enclosure and run it through filter media to remove any dirt, debris and waste. Water sprayers are spray bottles, used by reptile keepers to moisten air or their pets, particularly after a bad shed. Waterfalls are small water features that create a trickle of clean water, as some reptiles and amphibians won’t drink water unless it is moving to prevent disease.

What should I look for?

The buying of any reptile humidity equipment should always be done with your pet’s needs in mind first and foremost. Be sure to research exactly what your pet needs and build around that. It’s also worth planning out your humidity system and ensuring you have a plan to keep your humidity hardware topped up on water and ready to use. A great place to start your planning and research is with our reptile care guides, such as our Chinese water dragon care guide.