Swell Dial Thermo Hygrometer

Easily measure temperature and humidity in one handy device

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  • A combined analogue thermometer and hygrometer in one
  • Easy to read scale
  • Easy to fix inside vivarium
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A combined thermometer and hygrometer, The Swell Dial Thermo Hygrometer allows you to easily measure two of the most important things in your reptile vivarium - temperature and humidity.

Looking after a reptile means replicating an exotic animal's natural environment and the most important factor is temperature. Humidity is also essential for reptiles native to the rainforests where their habitat must be kept constantly moist and this is not easy to do when you are also trying to ensure a hot terrarium. So these two levels should be closely monitored.

The Dial Thermo Hygrometer has a temperature scale of -20C to 50C and and easy to understand humidity scale from 0% to 100%.

At a glance:

  • Combined thermometer and hygrometer
  • Easy to read scale
  • Breeder quality
  • Swell own brand - saves you money
  • Easy to fix inside vivarium

Swell customer Gayle used the Swell Dial Thermo Hygrometer for her quail eggs.

She reports:

"It arrived quickly and very well wrapped, in its box with bubble wrap around it then in the plastic postal envelope.

"It was slightly larger than i expected but this is a good thing as it enables easy reading of the dials, i am using it in my incubator to hatch quail eggs, it seems a better product for checking the humidity and temp than the one the incubator came with.

"The size of the hygrometer makes it easy to see through the lid of the incubator without having to remove it therefore keeping a steadier temp and humidity range which is better for the eggs.

"Set up was easy - simply take it out the packaging and place it in the incubator, it reached its reading time quickly and i have had no problems with it.

"There is a sticky pad at the back of the dial for fixing it to the tank, i cannot use this feature though as my incubator is round however it is leaning up nicely without falling over.

"it seems a sturdy piece of equipment that will be easy to clean (should the need arise) and has a quality feel about it."

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