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Vacuum Packed Reptile Food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Vacuum Packed Reptile Food

A delicious substitute for livefood

Vacuum-packed reptile food offers all of the benefits of livefood with none of the drawbacks, allowing you to give your reptile a delicious and varied diet. In our vacuum-packed reptile food range, you’ll find a great selection of food including centipedes, cockroaches, scorpions and mealworms.

What is vacuum-packed reptile food?

Vacuum-packed reptile food is livefood that has been sealed in vacuum packaging, killing it and preserving all of the flavour and nutrients. Vacuum-packed food is a great way to give your reptiles food that could normally hurt them, such as scorpions and centipedes. While you can use vacuum-packed food as a staple in many pet’s diets, we recommend mixing it with a diet of live foods and supplements.

Why should I buy vacuum-packed reptile food?

Vacuum-packed food makes for a great treat or dietary staple. Unlike live food, it doesn’t need to be maintained or fed and can be kept for months while staying fresh. Vacuum packed food varies in price depending on the animal being sold, but most are comparable to livefood prices. Vacuum-packed food should be treated similarly to livefood and dusted with nutritional supplements like calcium powder.

What are the main types of vacuum-packed reptile food?

Vacuum-packed food is split by the type of feed in each product including worms, centipede, scorpions, flies and several other animal favourites. The type of vacuum-packed reptile food you need will depend on the size of your pet and their feeding habits.

What should I look for?

When deciding between various vacuum-packed reptile foods the key is to pick something that fulfils all the needs of your pet. We recommend researching the dietary needs of your pet carefully and then finding the food and supplements that match those needs the best. Some reptiles may not show much interest in vacuum-packed food, if this is the case with your pet we recommend using tongs to move the food and trick your pet into thinking it’s alive.