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Help and advice on shopping for: Tortoise Starter Kits

A tip-top Tortoise enclosure

Knowing exactly what environment to create for your tortoise can be difficult, and depends very much on what species of Tortoise you are caring for. In some cases, you might need a tortoise tank, while in others you'll need a tortoise table. To help you find the right products and get started we sell a range of Tortoise starter kits, including Tortoise table starter kits.

What are Tortoise starter kits?

Tortoise starter kits contain everything you need to give your tortoise a comfortable home. We sell a variety of Tortoise starter kits including both kits made by Swell and those made by other manufacturers. Each Swell tortoise kit is different but they all contain an enclosure for your pet (either a tortoise table or vivarium), heating (such as a heat mat 0r heat bulb) and substrate. The other tortoise starter kits we sell from other brands may differ in their contents.

No kit includes a live Tortoise as we are unable to sell livestock online. If you would like to adopt a Tortoise, you can get in contact with our Swell Superstore to arrange an adoption. At the store, you will be interviewed and asked to supply a picture of the enclosure your tortoise will be kept in before being allowed to adopt. You can find out more about tortoise adoption on our tortoise livestock page.

Should Tortoises be kept in vivariums?

If it can be avoided, Tortoises shouldn't be kept in vivariums. They're quite prone to respiratory infections and the lack of airflow within a vivarium can make infections more likely. However, it is possible to make a vivarium more suitable by drilling ventilation holes or replacing some panels with mesh. In some cases it's unavoidable and tortoises must be kept in a vivarium, such as in a house with a cat that could easily get into a tortoise table.

Why should I buy Tortoise starter kits?

Tortoises are fantastic pets that make for incredible lifelong companions. However, they must be carefully cared for to ensure the long life they can achieve. Our starter kits help you to do just that by giving you all the tools, hardware and accessories you need to make your tortoise happy and healthy. Starter kits are a great deal as well because they often cost much less than buying the items within them separately.

What are the main types of Tortoise starter kits?

Our Tortoise starter kits can be split into kits made by Swell and those made by other brands. The kits made by other brands often only include items from that one brand and may not have everything your tortoise needs. Our range of tortoise starter kits are designed by reptile experts and will contain absolutely everything you need to get started. Our kits are further divided into 4 different tiers:

Bronze - Bronze tortoise starter kits contain the absolute basics you need to house a tortoise. All of the hardware you need is included but you may need to update it over time.

Silver - These kits are great for beginners as they include all of the basic bits of equipment as well as a few advanced pieces that will become permanent additions to your reptile keeping tool kit.

Gold - Gold Tortoise starter kits are designed for reptile keepers who care for multiple animals. They contain several pieces of hardware that will withstand the test of time and can be reused with other animals or in other enclosures.

Platinum - These kits are for the pros, Platinum Tortoise starter kits are jammed full of the best equipment for your new pet. Our reptile specialists have put these kits together to give you everything you need to create something truly spectacular that will impress friends, family and other reptile keepers.

What should I look for?

Once you’ve decided between a Swell tortoise starter kit or one from another brand the only other consideration is about how much you’re willing to invest in your pet. It’s fine to choose a bronze or silver kit and then bulk it out over time with new purchases and it’s just as good to splash out on a platinum kit to really spoil your tortoise.