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Help and advice on shopping for: Boa Snake Livestock

Boas help and advice

Adopt a big beautiful Boa

Unlike some snakes that kill with bites, Boas are large muscular snakes that kill their prey with constriction. Most Boas are generally quite large with some species numbering among the largest of snakes. If you want a big, impressive snake, a Boa is a fantastic choice.

What are Boas?

Boas are a type of snake made up of many species and subspecies. All Boas are non-venomous and constrict their prey, making them generally safe and impressively large pets. Boas mostly come from high-humidity climates, with a few exceptions like the Kenyan sand boa, meaning that they often need an enclosure with both a heating and humidity system. Boas also vary in temperament, with most able to be handled once they are settled and have built-up confidence.

Why should I buy a Boa?

A Boa is a great pet choice because it is an impressive snake that poses little threat. Boas can be quite large and will easily impress friends and family. While they are sometimes a little tricky to get set up, thanks to their large size and higher humidity requirements, most Boas are quite easy to keep with an appetite to match their size.

What are the main types of Boas?

We have many different types of Boas up for adoption at Swell Reptiles, and the only way you can know which species we have at a given time is to check this page. Some of the most common Boa species we have up for adoption are the Common boa, Amazon tree boa and Kenyan sand boa.

What should I look for when purchasing a boa?

If you would like to adopt a Boa, you will have to visit our Swell Superstore. While at the store, we will ask to see some pictures of the Boa enclosure and conduct a short interview to ensure you are ready to care for your new pet. We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone we think is unprepared to care for a snake.