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Help and advice on shopping for: Tortoise Tables

The perfect space for a tortoise trek

Despite their steady pace, Tortoises require more room to move around than you might think. We have a great collection of tortoise houses and tables to match the needs of all tortoises, from Hermann's tortoises to Horsfield tortoises. Our Tortoise enclosures feature many high-quality products from leading reptile brands like HabiStat, VivExotic and Zoo Med.

What are tortoise tables?

Tortoise tables are large enclosures, a little bit like rabbit runs, designed to allow tortoises to roam and move around for exercise and stimulation. They are normally open-topped or feature mesh walls to create a constant airflow and can be adapted for use either indoors or outside. Most of our tables are flat-packed and require some assembly, as well as the addition of lighting and other items before housing a tortoise.

What size should my tortoise table be?

The size of a tortoise table depends on the maturity of your tortoise. Generally, our reptile experts recommend a table at least 5 x 3ft in size for an adult tortoise. Hatchling tortoises need less space than adults and will be happy with a slightly smaller table. However, like with all pets, there is some flexibility depending on the species of the tortoise and their age, the most important thing is to ensure that your tortoise is comfortable and content with their enclosure.

Why should I buy a tortoise table?

Although the smallest tortoise can live comfortably within a large vivarium, the majority are only comfortable with a much larger area to explore. This is because tortoises have evolved a natural love of exploration and so to be stimulated and happy they need to be constantly on the go. Tortoise tables also help protect tortoises from respiratory diseases, which they are particularly vulnerable to, as they are open allowing for constant airflow.

Are tortoise tables good?

Tortoise tables are the ideal habitat for most tortoises, they offer unrivalled ventilation that is key to tortoise health and happiness. However, some sun-loving tortoises might find a tortoise table a little chilly, as they are generally hard to keep warm, and they offer little protection if you have cats or other pets that may endanger your tortoise. We recommend looking into the independent needs of your pet's species before making a purchase, to ensure successful housing. Our team of reptile experts are always happy to give responsible pet owners any information they need to ensure their pet's happiness and safety.

What are the main types of tortoise tables?

Like most furniture, tortoise tables mostly vary in design and material. However, there are a few differences in our range worth looking out for. You’ll see tortoise tables, which are designed to permanently house a tortoise (such as the VivExotic Viva Tortoise Table Oak), as well as tortoise play runs (like the Zoo Med Tortoise Play Pen) which are designed for temporary outdoor use.

It's important to note that Tortoises like to be outside when possible but they can’t handle low temperatures so you’ll need an indoor tortoise table and then either a play run to move them to or another tortoise table.

What else should I buy with a tortoise table?

When buying a tortoise table you will need to buy some accessories to make it safe and suitable for your tortoise, these will include similar technologies to other reptile habitats like lighting, heating, bedding, decor and food. One of the most important additions to a tortoise table is plants, as they can help to stimulate your pet and reduce stress - you can find a wide selection of artificial plants on our site.

If this is your first tortoise, we recommend buying a tortoise starter kit, which has everything you need to get your new pet set up including detailed information on setting a table up.