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Help and advice on shopping for: Hognose Snake Livestock

Hognose Snakes help and advice

House an adorable Hognose

Hognose snakes are a fantastic choice for would-be snake owners, with a relaxed disposition and a cute, wide grin. These snakes aren’t too big, have long lifespans and can even play dead, what’s not to love?

What are Hognose snakes?

The term ‘Hognose snakes’ refers to a wide variety of species, each with an iconic upturned nose. All of these species come from North and Central America or Madagascar, and each is known for their ability to ‘play dead’ lying on their backs. Hognose snakes aren’t very fussy and can be cared for fairly easily, only needing a good heat source to keep them at a high and dry temperature. Hognoses are considered to be rear-fanged venomous, so care should be taken when handling, although they are required to 'chew in' the venom, so it is unlikely that you will be envenomated by a Hognose, but if you are, this will not pose more of a risk than a common Bee or Wasp sting.

Why should I buy a Hognose Snake?

Apart from their obvious cute factor, Hognose snakes are a great all-around pet with a good level of intelligence and big personalities. Most Hognose snakes live for up to 15 years, with females sometimes living a little longer, and grow to around 2ft in length. Due to their small size and easy-going eating habits, Hognose snakes are very easy to care for and cost little to maintain.

What are the main types of Hognose Snake?

There are several species of Hognose snake, and we have many of them for sale at Swell Reptiles. Depending on availability, we will have a different selection of Hognose snakes at any time, meaning that you will need to check this page to know exactly what we’ve got up for adoption. The most common Hognose snake species we have in is the Western Hognose, which has been growing in popularity in recent years.

What should I look for when purchasing a Hognose snake?

When adopting a Hognose snake, we will ask you to come to visit our Swell Superstore. At the store, we will interview you and ask to see some pictures of the enclosure you have created for your Hognose snake. We reserve the right to refuse the adoption of a Hognose snake to anyone we feel is unprepared for their care. To help you get ready to care for your Hognose snake we have a range of brilliant products including enclosures, food and more.