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Reptile Rainmakers

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Rainmakers

The most powerful humidity hardware

Some reptiles and amphibians need an enclosure with as much as 90% humidity. To help you recreate rainforest conditions we’ve created a reptile rainmaker range featuring hardware from reptile industry leaders like Exo Terra and Lucky Reptile.

What are reptile rain systems?

Reptile rainmakers are an advanced bit of humidity hardware designed to recreate the heavy rainfall and high humidity of the rainforest. Each rainmaker accomplishes this in a slightly different way but it generally involves a large tank of water and a sprinkler system rigged into the ceiling of an enclosure. As with all humidity systems, we recommend using rainmakers in conjunction with a humidity gauge or hygrometer to ensure it is creating the right amount of humidity.

Why should I buy reptile rainmakers?

If you have a reptile or amphibian with a high demand for humidity, a reptile rainmaker is a fantastic option. While rainmakers can be quite expensive, they are easy to maintain and offer incredible value for money, lasting for years when well-maintained. Rainmakers are the easiest and most efficient way to give your pet the conditions they need.

What are the main types of reptile rain systems?

Rainmakers come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. The biggest differentiators in the rainmaker range are the size of the water tanks, the method of rainmaking, built-in timers and the number of outlets. In this range, you will also find accessories to increase the number of outlets in your system or extend the water tubing.

What should I look for?

Like many reptile, amphibian and invertebrate purchases, the key to buying reptile rainmakers is choosing hardware that meets the needs of your pet. Research your pet as much as possible and ensure you know exactly how much humidity they need then find a product capable of creating it to ensure they thrive.