Swell Rain System

Make your own weather systems within your terrarium

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  • Hydrating rain system creates high moisture environments
  • Capable of handling a powerful 90l per hour flow rate
  • Includes dripping nozzles, delivery tubing and 1 year warranty
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Use this Swell Reptiles Rain System to better simulate your rainforest reptile's natural habitat, right down to the optimum humidity levels that reptiles like geckos and chameleons can really thrive in.

Rainforest reptiles like dart frogs and other tree-dwelling critters need a humid atmosphere in order to survive - it's the environment they evolved in, and that means it's the environment they need to stay healthy, and as the name "rainforest suggests", it means they like things wet and humid.

While hand-held sprayers can help keep your reptile nice and humid, it can take up a lot of your time, requiring you to constantly get up and spray the leaves inside your terrarium to keep things at their optimum humidity. With a Swell Rain System for reptiles, this isn't so much of a problem!

Capably of easily and efficiently increasing the humidity in your terrarium, the Swell Rain System can be easily installed in your terrarium using sucker-pads to simulate the rainstorms your reptile is used to, leaving a refreshing dew on leaves and branches, as well as supplying the evaporation process in your terrarium with plenty of fresh water, creating clouds of mist.

It features low voltage too, making it safer and cheaper to run, and comes at a more than favourable price from Swell Reptiles in comparison to similar branded products.

  • 5 bar of water pressure of 90l per hour of flow (max)
  • Easily Mountable
  • 4 spray nozzles can be installed
  • Additional Dripping nozzles for plants
  • Helps better simulate a rainforest environment.
  • Supplied with ample delivery tubing
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
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