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Help and advice on shopping for: Corn Snake Starter Kits

A Corn Snake’s dream

Cute, unique and affectionate, Corn snakes are a fantastic pet for all reptile keepers, new and experienced. To help your little snake settle in as smoothly as possible we have a range of fantastic starter kits, packed full of all the best products for you and your corn snake.

What are Corn Snake starter kits?

Corn Snake starter kits are big bundles of all the products you need to successfully house a Corn Snake. We stock both Swell’s own starter kits and starter kits from other brands. Our starter kits vary depending on your budget, but they all include a wooden vivarium, heating bulb, UVB bulb and substrate. Other Corn Snake starter kits may contain a different selection of items.

The kits we sell don’t include live Corn Snakes, as we are unable to sell livestock through our online store. If you are interested in adopting a Corn Snake you can contact Swell Superstore. The Swell Superstore has lots of pets to adopt, including Corn Snakes. At the store, we’ll interview you and look at pictures of the enclosure you want to keep your corn snake in before allowing you to adopt it. You can find out more about Corn Snake adoption on our Corn Snake livestock page.

Why should I buy Corn Snake starter kits?

Corn Snakes make incredible pets, they are caring, easy to tame and intelligent. However, they do require some careful preparation to ensure they will be happy and healthy in their habitat. Our Corn Snake starter kits are super helpful here as they give you absolutely everything you need to make your snake feel relaxed and at home. Starter kits are a great investment too as they often work out much cheaper than buying the individual products separately.

What are the main types of Corn Snake starter kits?

There are two types of Corn Snake starter kits on our sites; the ones made by us and the ones made by other brands. Corn Snake starter kits made by other brands often only include products from that brand and may not include everything you need to look after your Corn Snake. Our kits have been designed by reptile experts to ensure you have absolutely everything you need to make your Corn Snake happy. Our Swell Corn Snake starter kits can be further divided into the following tiers:

Bronze - Bronze Corn Snake Starter kits contain everything you need to care for a juvenile corn snake without any frills or extras. The kit is made up of a set of basic accessories that you may want to upgrade over time.

Silver - These starter kits are great for beginners as they include both basic hardware and a few bits of more advanced kit. The items in these kits have been chosen by our experts to make reptile keeping as easy as possible.

Gold - Gold starter kits are for the series reptile keeping hobbyists. The hardware and accessories sold in a gold starter kit will withstand the test of time and can be used across multiple enclosures, perfect for a true collector.

Platinum - Pro Corn Snake keepers should pick up a platinum starter kit. These kits feature a range of advanced tools and hardware, chosen by our reptile experts to give you everything you need to make spectacular enclosures that are certain to make other reptile keepers green with envy.

What should I look for?

Once you’ve decided between Swell and other brand starter kits, the main consideration should be how much you’re willing to invest in your hobby. There’s nothing wrong with buying a bronze kit, especially if you’re dipping your toe into the world of snake keeping, just as there’s no shame in splashing out for a platinum kit to wow friends and family.