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Help and advice on shopping for: Gecko Livestock

Geckos help and advice

Adopt and cute and cheeky Gecko

There are over 1,500 species of Gecko on the planet and a lot of them make fantastic pets, leading many reptile keepers to solely specialise in Gecko keeping. These small and loveable reptiles can be a little mischievous making them a great choice for reptile keepers ready for a small challenge.

What are Geckos?

Geckos are a subgroup of Lizards that are present around the world and on every continent. They are generally small reptiles and are used to all sorts of climates and habitats. The most interesting thing about Geckos is their wide variation in colourings and patterns, it’s almost possible to get a gecko in any shade or style. Many of the preferences of Geckos depend on where they are from, generally, their temperature and humidity parameters should mimic that of their natural environment as closely as possible.

Why should I buy a Gecko?

Geckos are cheeky and active, most can be handled and pose no threat to humans. However, some Geckos can be quite skittish and may need to build up confidence before regular handling. The lifespan of geckos varies but most live between 15-20 years, making them both a long term friend and commitment for a reptile keeper.

What are the main types of Gecko?

There are a lot of Gecko species and we often have a wide selection at Swell Reptiles. While the biggest difference in Gecko species tends to be their colouration and size, there are many species with different enclosure preferences, lifespans and dietary requirements, with some Geckos being tropical, some being arid, some are omnivorous whereas some are strictly insectivorous and so on. Take a look at the different species below to learn more about them and whether they will make a good pet for you.

What should I look for when purchasing a Gecko?

If you’re interested in adopting a Gecko, we will need you to come in and adopt at our Swell Superstore. During the adoption process, we will ask for images of your Gecko enclosure as well as conducting a short interview. We reserve the right to refuse the adoption of a Gecko to anyone we feel is unprepared to care for one. To help you prepare for your Gecko, we have a range of Gecko products including starter kits, feed and more.