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Help and advice on shopping for: Turtle Livestock

Turtle help and advice

Adopt a happy little Turtle

Combining the disciplines of both reptile keeping and aquarium keeping, some consider Turtles the ultimate zoological challenge. Beyond that, Turtles make fantastic and interesting pets, that can be very rewarding and fun to watch.

What are Turtles?

Turtles are a type of hard-shelled reptile that can live both on land and in water. Various Turtles split their time between land and water differently but they all spend some time on each. Turtles tend not to like being handled, making them a better pet to watch as they swim and play around an enclosed shore. Turtles can be found in most continents and seas with high concentrations around warm or tropical shorelines.

Why should I buy a Turtle?

There are two main reasons to adopt a Turtle, as an animal husbandry challenge or because you enjoy watching Turtles. As an animal husbandry challenge, they need an intelligently designed enclosure combining both aquatic and terrestrial elements, which will take a lot of creativity to manage. If you enjoy watching Turtles, bear in mind that they do need considerable upkeep as their water must be cleaned regularly and they can be quite messy within their enclosure. Either way, Turtles are fairly pricey to set up but not too costly to maintain.

What are the main types of Turtle?

There are many species of Turtle, numbering several hundred in total. We have several Turtle species that we put up for adoption at Swell Reptiles but their availability often changes due to several different factors. The only way to know which Turtles you can adopt from us at a given time is to check this page. Most commonly, we have Musk turtles up for adoption.

What should I look for when purchasing a Turtle?

If you would like to adopt a Turtle, you will need to visit the Swell Superstore. At our store, we will interview you and ask for some pictures of your proposed turtle enclosure to judge if you are prepared to care for a Turtle. We retain the right to deny anyone the adoption of a turtle if we don’t feel like they are ready for it.