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Help and advice on shopping for: VivExotic Arboreal Vivariums

Give your pet plenty of climbing space

Many of the most popular reptile keeping pets come from the tops of trees in tropical rainforests or dense jungles. Our range of VivExotic arboreal vivariums is designed to house these tree-top dwelling animals, with a range of incredible enclosures from reptile experts VivExotic.

What is an arboreal vivarium?

VivExotic arboreal vivariums are excellent for climbing reptiles that would naturally live in trees such as Chameleons. They are tall (sometimes vertically aligned) and provide space that allows you to easily arrange decoration and accessories such as branches and plants as climbing structures, helping you to create a more naturalistic living environment for your reptiles. This means you can create the rainforest tall tree environment that arboreal species require.

Why should I buy a VivExotic arboreal vivarium?

If you are planning to house arboreal pets, such as Chameleons and many snakes, you will need to provide them with lots of climbing opportunities to keep them stimulated and happy. By allowing reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates to engage in this sort of behaviour you will improve their overall quality of life and keep them happy. It’s worth noting that as these are mostly wooden vivariums they will need to be protected against moisture in a high-humidity environment.

What are the main types of VivExotic arboreal vivariums?

Our range of VivExotic arboreal vivariums can be divided by size and style. The size of a vivarium is an important factor to consider as it determines the size of animal that can comfortably be housed within it. There’s a consideration of height as well as you want to ensure that the enclosure isn’t too tall for your pet, small reptiles in tall enclosures could injure themselves during a fall. The style of the vivarium is just the colour and type of wood it is made from, which will help you blend it into your home decor.

What are the features of a VivExotic Viva Arboreal Vivarium?

All of the VivExotic arboreal vivariums are equipped with viva glass sliding doors to prevent escapes. These lockable doors feature front aluminium door rails as well as modern silver handles. The VivExotic Viva arboreal range offers an effective ventilation system that includes additional rear vents and a series of vents that run across the length of the vivarium, bringing in a steady flow of air.

What should I look for?

The needs of your pet sit at the heart of every decision you make when housing them in arboreal vivariums. Be sure to do plenty of research to ensure that you are aware of the exact height and space your pet needs to be comfortable and happy. When shopping for arboreal vivariums, you must understand both the height and width of enclosure your reptile requires.

What accessories do I need to buy with my VivExotic arboreal vivarium?

To make your VivExotic arboreal vivarium suitable for habitation you will need to provide several pieces of hardware and accessories. These additional reptile supplies vary from species to species but may include heating, UV lighting and decor. We recommend conducting thorough research to ensure that you buy exactly what your pet needs to thrive.