1) Komodo Glass Terrarium White

We love glass terrariums here at Swell. They are clean, neat, long-lasting and provide great viewing. But let's face it they haven't always been great looking. This has changed recently though and this one looks stunning with its classy white frames which have a real contemporary look.

2) VivExotic Repti-Stax

Repti-Stax are the new, compact VivExotic vivariums, replacing the old LX vivariums, but these models have a range of new features and one of the best is the new colour Mussel. This grain is a kind of off white magnolia and so is more discrete with your furnishings.

3) Exo Terra Small Terrarium Low

Ideal for ground-dwelling animals, these Exo Terra terrariums are only 12 inches high which means your pet is nice and close to the basking bulb. It also means you can maximise space. Plus they look great!

4) VivExotic Viva Terrestrial

VivExotic Viva Vivariums are a stunning new range. The Terrestrial range replaces the old VX vivs. The three colour shades, Beech, Oak and Walnut have all been improved, it has new air vents built into the aluminium runners and improved stoppers and locks.

5) Exo Terra Explorarium

You may not fancy yourself as Indiana Jones, swinging from the edge of a cliff by a bull rope while collecting rare samples, but if ever you do venture beyond the Shire (how's that for mixing film metaphors) you'll be glad you took one of these. The nylon mesh provides plenty of ventilation to your reptile and has a special tray for substrates.

6) VivExotic Snake-Stax

VivExotic Snake-Stax is a perfect way of storing your breeding boxes and keeping your reptile collection in a great display. Each Snake Stax unit is designed to hold either four large Exo Terra Breeding Boxes, or eight small/medium breeding boxes.

7) Royce Reptile Black Vivarium

The Royce Reptile Black Vivarium is the same as the old VivExotic LX36 but comes in a stunning glossy black. We know some of you are quite partial to viv decor that borders on the macabre like skulls and this is the perfect housing. Match it with colourful red sand and you have yourself a striking viv.

8) VivExotic Viva Arboreal

The big brother of the new Viva Terrestrial range is the Viva Arboreal, designed for the reptile that likes to climb. The feature we like best about the arboreal vivs is that when paired with the new Viva cabinets, they look amazing. No more open stands like the previous CAX model cabinet. These arboreal models use the same cabinets as the terrestrial range

9) Zoo Med Reptibreeze Iguanarium

The new Reptibreeze IguanArium is the largest product of its kind on the market. It's 48 inches high and ideal for the larger reptiles that need less heat/humidity and more ventilation such as iguanas and chameleons. While it can be adapted for the likes of agamids, Where this product comes into its own is for the likes of the green iguana, old-world chameleon and water dragon.

10) VivExotic Viva X-Tend

X-Tend is the new modular vivarium for VivExotic. Sold in three-foot cubes, these are the viv for you if you want a six-foot tank, nine-foot tank.... 24-foot tank. The more room your bearded dragons and snakes have the happier they'll be so why not grow your viv as your pets grow.

by David Nash