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Help and advice on shopping for: Vivariums

What are vivariums?

Just as a fish needs an aquarium, a reptile, amphibian or invertebrate needs a vivarium. Our range of high-quality vivariums caters to pets of all types and boasts a suite of great features to offer your pet a complete home. In our vivarium range, you’ll find reptile tanks and terrariums from leading reptile brands, including VivExotic, along with cabinets and stacks to create whatever setup you need.

Why should I buy a vivarium?

Wooden vivariums come in a wide variety of colours and look at home in most rooms, like any other piece of wooden furniture, making them a great addition to your home while saving on floor space. The wood is also a powerful insulator and will trap heat, making it a great choice for any reptiles, amphibians or invertebrates that need dry heat, including many lizards and snakes. In a pinch, these enclosures can be fortified against moisture to last longer while you get a glass terrarium set up but they will eventually warp if exposed to consistent moisture.

What is the difference between glass and wooden vivariums?

Traditionally, the term vivarium referred to an enclosure to keep animals, such as Bearded dragons, while a terrarium referred to an enclosure designed to keep live plants, however, the terms are generally interchangeable in modern reptile keeping. We generally reserve the term vivarium for predominantly wooden animal enclosures that shouldn’t be exposed to excess humidity or moisture and the term terrarium for enclosures with glass panelled sides that are moisture resistant. Both types of animal homes offer panoramic views of your pets and plants.

What types of vivariums can I buy at Swell Reptiles?

Our vivarium stock can be split into six categories; compact vivariums, wooden vivariums, vivarium & cabinet combinations, VivExotic vivarium stacks, VivExotic arboreal vivariums and VivExotic vivarium cabinets.

Our Compact vivariums are not as deep as regular vivariums and are generally a better choice to save space. Wooden vivariums are just standard vivariums with a smart, wooden finish. Vivarium & cabinet combinations are designed to give you a cabinet beneath your vivarium to store any supplies or hardware.

VivExotic vivarium stacks are designed to have multiple enclosures stacked on top of each other to store multiple creatures. VivExotic arboreal vivariums are specially designed to recreate a forest habitat and are vertically aligned, making them good for pets that like to climb. Finally, VivExotic vivarium cabinets are simply VivExotic’s range of cabinets to suit their Viva+ range.

How will my vivarium arrive?

Most of the vivariums and reptile tanks we sell are flat packed, which allows them to be sent to you as quickly as possible. Each flat-packed kit comes with detailed instructions for easy installation and set-up, however, you may find that you need some tools like a screwdriver and Allen key during set up. When you are constructing a wooden vivarium, we recommend using a strong sealant, like King British Vivarium Sealant, to protect the joints from excess moisture.

Where can I buy VivExotic vivariums?

Our entire range of vivariums, terrariums and reptile tanks are all made by VivExotic so you can trust in their quality and craftsmanship. VivExotic is the UK's number one manufacturer of wooden vivariums and reptile tanks. Every one of their enclosures boasts incredible ventilation, security and features like cable management. The brand caters to all reptile keeping needs with a wide variety of ranges including their popular Repti Home Maxi range and Viva + range. You can find VivExotic vivarium stacks, VivExotic arboreal vivariums and VivExotic vivarium cabinets right here at Swell Reptiles.

What should I look for?

The first thing to prioritise when buying a vivarium is the needs of the animal you intend on keeping in it, make sure that they will have plenty of space before making a purchase. From there it comes down to personal taste and what will fit into your home the best, match with the rest of your furniture for a great finish.