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VivExotic Vivarium Cabinets

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Help and advice on shopping for: VivExotic Vivarium Cabinets

Add the finishing touch to your vivarium

If you already have a VivExotic Vivarium but are struggling with space, storage and exactly where to put it, you can grab the matching vivarium cabinet right here. Our VivExotic vivarium cabinets range includes many pieces of furniture to fit with a wide range of reptile vivariums.

What are VivExotic vivarium cabinets?

Available in woods to match your existing or new VivExotic Vivarium, Viva or Viva+, VivExotic vivarium cabinets complete the look of your vivarium, turning it into a feature piece of furniture in any room and adding a sophisticated look to your set up. Not only that, but these cabinets make the storage of substrate, spare bulbs and reptile food much more straightforward by giving you a dedicated space directly beneath your tank.

Why should I buy VivExotic vivarium cabinets?

These cabinets are tailormade for a specific VivExotic vivarium, meaning that you can be certain they will offer perfect support for your vivarium - protecting your animals from harm. They are made to the same high standards as the rest of the VivExotic range, featuring a beautiful and hard-wearing finish that will stand up to the daily hardships of reptile care.

What are the main types of VivExotic vivarium cabinets?

The cabinets in this range can be broken down by compatibility and style. The compatibility of a cabinet will tell you which vivarium the cabinet has been designed to hold. You must get a cabinet designed specifically for your vivarium to avoid it looking wrong or breaking. The style of a cabinet is the type of wood the cabinet is made from. Generally, we recommend matching the style of your cabinet with the style of your vivarium.

What should I look for?

Once you have ensured that the VivExotic vivarium cabinet you’re buying is compatible with your vivarium and in a style you’re happy with there’s little else to consider before making a purchase.