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Help and advice on shopping for: Chameleon Starter Kits

All you need to make a Chameleon smile

Perhaps one of the most fascinating reptiles to care for, Chameleons thrive in very specific conditions such as those of a rainforest. These conditions can be particularly difficult for first-time or even experienced reptile keepers to recreate so we’ve created a set of helpful Chameleon kits to help you find all the reptile supplies you need to make your colour-changing companion happy. These kits are ideal for Panther chameleons, Old world chameleons, Jackson chameleons and Veiled chameleons.

What is a Chameleon starter kit?

Chameleon starter kits are bundles of products created by either Swell or other companies to give you everything you might need to successfully house a Chameleon, such as a Yeman chameleon. Each Swell Chameleon kit differs depending on which tier you purchase but they all contain an arboreal vivarium, heating lamp, analogue or digital thermometer, UVB bulb and water sprayer. The other Chameleon starter kits we stock may differ in contents. While Chameleons, enjoy live plants, none of the kits we sell includes live plants.

The kits we stock do not include live Chameleons, as we do not sell livestock over the internet. If you would like to adopt a Chameleon you can contact our Swell Superstore where we have livestock to adopt. At the Superstore, we will interview you and ask for an image of the animal’s proposed enclosure before agreeing to adoption. If you would like to learn more about Chameleon and new reptile adoption you can do so on our Chameleon livestock page.

Why should I buy Chameleon starter kits?

Chameleons make incredible pets thanks to their exotic and unique talents for colour changing and tongue projection, however, they are quite difficult to get set up correctly. A starter kit is a great way to ensure that your Chameleon has absolutely everything it needs to thrive. Starter kits often work out much cheaper than buying each of the separate pieces on their own, you will even be saving money which you can use to treat your Chameleon to a little extra food or accessories.

What are the main types of Chameleon starter kits?

You can break our Chameleon starter kits down into those designed by Swell and those created by other brands. Many of those created by other brands only include that brand’s products and may not have absolutely everything you need to house a Chameleon. The kits made by Swell have been created by our reptile experts to fulfil the needs of a Chameleon fully. You can further divide our kits into the following tiers:

Bronze - These Chameleon starter kits are designed to give you the bare minimum needed to care for a Chameleon successfully. Most of the hardware and accessories in this kit will be a little basic but ideal for first-timers.

Silver - Silver Chameleon starter kits are the ideal choice for first-time reptile keepers. These kits include many basic hardware and accessories as well as a few outstanding surprises chosen by our reptile experts to make your reptile keeping tasks much easier.

Gold - If you’ve been reptile keeping for a while or are starting out but really want to expand into a fully-fledged reptile keeper, the Gold starter kit is for you. This kit is packed full of fantastic accessories that you will be able to use for years to come across multiple different enclosures.

Platinum - Platinum Chameleon starter kits are something a little special. Designed by our own reptile experts to offer the very best in reptile keeping hardware, these kits give you everything you need to make an enclosure that will leave other reptile keepers speechless. One for the pros.

What should I look for?

If you’ve decided between a Swell Chameleon starter kit or that of another brand there really isn’t much more to think about except how much you want to invest into your hobby. A bronze kit is a great choice for a beginner and might be right for you but at the same time if you really want to wow it might be time to splash out on a platinum kit.