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Help and advice on shopping for: Leopard Gecko Starter Kits

Everything you need for your Leopard Gecko

Choose from our range of Leopard Gecko Starter kits to get the perfect equipment to take care of your new Leo in the best way possible. Each Leopard Gecko starter kit has been put together by reptile experts to ensure you have absolutely everything you need to help them thrive.

What are Leopard Gecko starter kits?

Our Leopard Gecko starter kits contain everything you need to house a Leopard Gecko while keeping them happy and healthy. We sell a variety of Swell kits to fit many different budgets, each with a different set of kit but all of them contain a wooden vivarium, heating bulb, UVB lighting unit, substrate and food bowls. The other Leopard Gecko starter kits we sell may contain a different selection of items.

None of the kits we sell includes a live Leopard Gecko, as we are unable to sell livestock over the internet. However, if you want to adopt a Leopard gecko, you can contact our Swell Superstore where you can adopt after being interviewed and showing a picture of the enclosure you intend to keep your reptile in. You can find out more about our Leopard Geckos on our Leopard Gecko Livestock page.

Why should I buy Leopard Gecko starter kits?

Caring for Leopard Geckos is a fantastic hobby, however, it’s a little more complicated than caring for a cat or dog. Leopard Geckos need the right heating, lighting and enclosure design to ensure they thrive. Our Leopard Gecko starter kits are perfect for anyone housing Leopard Geckos as they include everything you need to ensure their happiness and health. Starter kit bundles are great as well because they tend to work out much cheaper than buying the items individually, giving you some extra cash to spoil your new pet rotten.

What are the main types of Leopard Gecko starter kits?

Our Leopard Gecko starter kits can be divided into those made by Swell and those made by other manufacturers. Leopard Gecko starter kits made by other manufacturers only have one brand of product in them and may not include absolutely everything you need to get started, although they still represent a significant saving. Our Swell Leopard Gecko starter kits include items from a range of different brands and will include everything you need to get started. The Swell Leopard Gecko starter kits can be further broken down into the following tiers:

Bronze - The bronze Leopard Gecko sets are designed for absolute beginners to the hobby of reptile keeping. They contain the basics you will need to house a Leopard Gecko and nothing more. The enclosures in these kits tend to be at the low end of a Leopard Gecko’s needs.

Silver - The silver Leopard Gecko kits have everything you need to care for a Leopard Gecko with a few useful surprises. These packs are mostly made up of basic tools with a few professional bits of kit.

Gold - The gold Leopard Gecko starter set contains everything you need for Leopard Gecko keeping and essentials for long-term reptile keeping, including high-quality lighting, heating and decor. Gold sets will help any hobbyist take their reptile keeping to the next level by creating spectacular habitats.

Platinum - Platinum Leopard Gecko kits include professional-grade hardware and pieces of kit that will allow you to create an exemplary Leopard Gecko enclosure. Each piece in these sets has been chosen by a reptile expert to ensure you’re getting exactly what they would choose from the entire Swell range.

What should I look for?

After picking between a Swell Leopard Gecko kit or one made by other manufacturers, it’s down to your budget and the sort of kit you want to invest in. There’s no shame in just grabbing a bronze kit to get you started, then picking up better hardware over time. At the same time, if you want to step up your reptile keeping with a platinum kit then go for it and create something incredible.