Swell Leopard Gecko Starter Kit - Platinum

A professional Leopard Gecko care starter kit

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  • An outstanding starter kit for adult Leopard Gecko care
  • Contains all the equipment needed
  • Available in a range of colours
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This Leopard Gecko Platinum Kit comes with a VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large vivarium, measuring at 115cm x 49cm x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22"), allowing for your Leopard gecko to grow fully and have plenty of space to move around. The vivarium is available in Oak, Grey, or Black, all in a stylish wood effect. It comes with all the electrics that will be required to keep your gecko happy and healthy, and ensure they are getting the right UVB levels, ensuring they have the perfect environment.

What's in the Kit?

The VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large (115cm x 49cm x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22") comes in a choice of 3 colours - Oak, Grey and Black. We have included a 100w basking heat bulb to get to the perfect temperature, which is controlled by a dimming thermostat. This means you can not only set it to the right temperature but also acts as a safety barrier to ensure the bulb doesn't overheat and cause any risk to your or your Leopard Gecko. The ceramic holder comes with a mounting bracket for easy installation into your vivarium as well, and there is an infrared thermometer to quickly and efficiently check your temperatures, making sure your hot end is correct, and that you've always good a good temperature gradient.

We have also included an Arcadia ShadeDweller kit to provide a low-level UVB that would be natural for Leopard Geckos in the wild, ensuring they are able to really thrive. This should be used alongside the supplied calcium and vitamin supplements, ensuring they are kept in the very best of health.

For substrate we've added a Leopard Gecko-specific mix, meaning it provides a natural environment for your Leopard. There is also a cave included giving a safe place for the gecko, making it feel more secure. The water dish included should be at the cold end, and there is also a handy mealworm dish, so you can add a bit of diet variation without the mealworms escaping! We have included a selection of decorations, though as this is often down to personal taste you may wish to add more. To ensure it is clean and healthy, there is a cleaning disinfectant and a sand scoop, for spot cleaning daily. 

At A Glance:

  • VivExotic Repti Home Maxi Large - 115cm x 49cm x 56cm (45" x 19" x 22")
  • Heat Bulb, Holder and Infrared Thermometer
  • Dimming Thermostat
  • UVB Lighting Unit
  • Substrate
  • Calcium Supplements
  • Water Bowl and Mealworm Dish
  • Hiding Cave
  • Plant Decorations
  • Disinfectant and Cleaning Scoop

Items shown in the image are not specific, and are just a representation of the kit contents.

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