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Help and advice on shopping for: Mesh Terrariums

Give your pet a breath of fresh air

Our mesh terrariums provide perfect ventilation to your reptile, giving them maximum aeration in their environment whilst ensuring they are safe and secure. Our mesh terrariums range includes both our own high-quality products as well as products from Zoo Med, a reptile industry leader.

What are mesh terrariums?

Mesh terrariums are enclosures with multiple walls made up of a thin but durable mesh. Mesh enclosures are an alternative to glass enclosures as they still allow a full view through each wall while also allowing lots of air to pass into the enclosure. Mesh also allows UV-B and UV-A rays through, which are essential for a healthy reptile, giving them the warmth and essential vitamin D3 required to keep their metabolic function active and their skeleton intact.

Why should I buy mesh terrariums?

The benefit to these mesh terrariums over glass is apparent in the summer months, where even in the UK, heat can exceed even what some reptiles require to stay active, leading to dehydration. These fully or partially ventilated reptile homes let a breeze through that feels more natural for your reptile. Despite being made of more pliable materials than glass or wood, these mesh terrariums provide fantastic security for your reptile, often featuring heavy-duty locks and materials that will return to their original shape after random impacts, protecting your much loved little friends.

What are the main types of mesh terrariums?

Our mesh terrarium range is best broken into mesh terrariums and mesh terrarium accessories. Mesh terrariums are the enclosures themselves and the main piece of hardware you’ll need to create a mesh habitat. Mesh terrarium accessories are made up of various items that are designed to be used with mesh terrariums, including stands and bottom trays.

What should I look for?

The most important thing to consider when buying a mesh terrarium is the needs of your pet. Mesh terrariums don’t keep humidity or heat particularly well, so they are far from ideal for every pet. Ensure that you have done plenty of research and are certain that a mesh enclosure is suitable for your pet before making a purchase.

What accessories should I buy with a mesh terrarium?

You will need to buy several accessories and pieces of hardware to make your mesh terrarium suitable for your animals. Depending on the species this may include lighting, heating, substrate, decor, feeding equipment and more. Ensure you do plenty of research to make a list of what you’ll need then you can find it all in our store and get it all at once with your new mesh terrarium.