Swell Reptiles Premium ReptiAir Screen Cages

A range of screen cages for arboreal reptiles and invertebrates

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  • A screen cage for arboreal reptiles and invertebrates
  • Spray nozzle fittings for integrated humidity
  • A range of sizes to suit most reptiles
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A fantastic range of enclosures for pets in need of a little extra ventilation. These screen cages are very easy to build and maintain.

What are Swell Reptiles Premium ReptiAir Screen Cages?

Swell Reptiles Premium ReptiAir Screen Cages are mesh enclosures designed for arboreal species requiring greater ventilation. These cages come in three sizes, small, medium and large, to suit a wide range of animals including old-world chameleons and other arboreal species. This range is also very easy to assemble as they have a foldable design so that you can get them set up and reptile-ready in no time.

Please note: Any decor items shown in the images above are for demonstration purposes only and do not come with the product.

What are the benefits of a mesh enclosure?

Mesh enclosures are very popular as they offer lots of airflow, which is key for many arboreal species. However, our screen cages are designed to have additional benefits to help them stand out from the competition. These cages feature cable pass openings, allowing you to place hardware within the enclosure and feed power cables out for improved efficiency and a tidy cable management solution.

Moving to the door of the enclosure, it's split into two parts; a swing front door for easy cage access and a raised panel bottom door that can be opened to reach the substrate layer easily. Finally, every enclosure in this range includes nozzles and fittings that are designed to work with the Swell Reptiles rain system for an outstanding humidity system.

What are the differences between screen cages in this range?

All of the mesh enclosures in this range boast the same outstanding features however, each size is designed for a different type of pet. The small screen cages are best used to house invertebrates and shouldn't be used to house any reptiles. Moving to the medium, this size is about right for small species of chameleons and the young of other arboreal species like juvenile Green iguanas. Finally, the large screen cage is ideal for large chameleons and arboreal species.

How do I set up this mesh enclosure?

Like all vivariums and terrariums, this mesh enclosure requires substrate and decor. You can style your vivarium however you want, but we recommend thinking vertically for arboreal species to give them plenty of space to climb and practice their natural behaviours. Depending on the species you are keeping, you may also need to add reptile lighting and heating as well as a humidity system.

How do I maintain this enclosure?

Once the enclosure is set up it will only need minimal upkeep. Change the substrate regularly and occasionally give everything a wipe with reptile-friendly disinfectant to keep your pet's home tidy. Alternatively, you can set up a mesh cage as a bioactive enclosure which will require little, if any, cleaning.



Brand Swell
Dimensions Varies
Material Mesh
Stackable? No
Suitable for? Varies


Size Dimensions Suitable for
Small 30 x 30 x 45cm Invertebrates
Medium 45 x 45 x 90cm Small chameleons
Large 60 x 60 x 120cm Large chameleons
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