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Bark Substrates

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Build the perfect bedding

Ideal for rainforest reptiles, bark substrates give your reptile the best living conditions, catering to their environmental needs. Choose from big brands like Komodo, Exo Terra, Lucky Reptile as well as our own brand quality substrate.

What are bark substrates?

Bark substrates feature woody bark from real trees and can be used in high humidity enclosures. It readily absorbs and releases moisture and is perfect for humidity loving reptiles. The substrate helps control air humidity levels and stimulates natural digging and burrowing behaviour.

Why should I buy bark substrates?

Bark substrates are great for rainforest reptiles as they mimic the floor of the rainforest, covered in natural detritus and trapped moisture. These bark substrates trap moisture, and because rainforest reptiles need a humid environment to thrive, they absorb moisture from the air; the moisture slowly escapes over time, maintaining high humidity in the terrarium.

What are the main types of bark substrates?

Reptile keepers generally make flooring from a combination of substrates depending on the type of enclosure being created. You can choose different types of reptile substrates to either help insulate against the cold, retain humidity or encourage burrowing behaviour. As a natural material, orchid bark makes for an authentic look and feel in a terrarium. Adding bark to a substrate mix greatly improves aeration, reduces compaction, and improves drainage. When sprayed, it increases water retention to some extent, which helps to increase ambient humidity. Coconut bark is a moist reptile substrate that simulates a humid forest floor - or it can be left dry for a more arid environment. When heated gently, it releases stored moisture back into your terrarium. Both types of bark are suitable for crested geckos, iguanas, scorpions, chameleons and more.

What should I look for?

When selecting a substrate, consider your pet's native habitat as well as the type of flooring they are used to. It's also important to understand the properties of each substrate because using substrate wisely can help you overcome any flaws in your terrarium or vivarium setup.