Swell Coconut Husk

A fantastic substrate for tropical and rainforest enclosures

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  • Nutrient-rich coconut substrate for tropical and rainforest enclosures
  • Just add water to create a thick and moist substrate
  • Adds nutrient-rich moisture when gently warmed
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Natural coconut husk packed into an efficient 500g brick, which just needs water adding to break it apart. This is designed to absorb water and then release it over time when heated, so is ideal in rainforest enclosures to give a steady amount of humidity, though you will still need to mist as well.

This substrate can easily be placed in an enclosure, either as the main substrate, or used on top of a soil based substrate to help to hold in the humidity further. It is completely natural, so gives a great look to planted enclosures, and is also suitable for bio-active set ups as well.

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