Swell Premium Coco Bricks

Rainforest substrate for a forest enclosure

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  • Coco soil substrate for dry or humid forest enclosures
  • Simply soak in water to create a rich substrate
  • Sold in a variety of sizes to suit your needs
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What are Swell Premium Coco Bricks?

Swell Reptiles Coco Brick is a 650g brick of coir, sometimes called coco peat, that comes in 650g bricks as a single or triple pack. Coco coir bricks boast outstanding water retention and can be used for any rainforest setup. These blocks are good value and incredibly clean as they have been sterilised to remove soil-borne pathogens and seeds, making them a safe choice for plants and animals alike. Coir bricks also have a range of other uses including garden care, compost and horticulture.

How do you use a coco fibre brick?

The coco soil is compressed into a neat brick and just needs to be soaked in water to loosen it and return it to its original size for use, sometimes you may find you need to break it up a little yourself. Around eight litres of water per a 650g brick is usually sufficient, though this can be made more dry/wet using less/more water as needed. 

For rainforest enclosures, simply settle the soil in the vivarium or terrarium, no need for adding any extra water, unless you wish to increase the humidity. Alternatively, the loose coco soil can be mixed with a sand substrate to create the ideal environment for digging species like monitors. Coco soil can even be harnessed in an eco-environment to help your bioactive clean-up crew thrive.

How can you use coco coir bricks in a drainage system?

If you want to utilise this soil in a drainage ecosystem, it is best used with a hydro rock layer initially, then a layer of drainage mesh, before putting the soil on the top. This means you can create a water reservoir under the soil which will constantly supply the soil with water and keep it moist, helping with humidity, whilst not allowing the soil to become waterlogged.



Substrate Coco soil
Water ratio 8 litres per 650g


Product Total substrate Water needed
SWLR9995 1950g 24 litres
SWLR9996 650g 8 litres
SWLR0730 5000g 62 litres
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