Swell Premium Hydro Rocks

Moist and humid rainforest substrate

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  • Creates a drainage reservoir within your terrarium
  • Made from porous hydroclay to create an effective reservoir
  • This pack contains 9ltrs of hydro rocks for your terrarium
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Great service, speedy delivery and great products at fantastic prices. I will definitely be using them for all my future reptile needs.
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What are Swell Premium Hydro Rocks?

Swell Premium Hydro Rocks are a hydro culture with many benefits that aid in water retention and the formation of a strong root system. This drainage substrate comes in a 9-litre bag that will create a thick layer in most terrariums that can be topped by other media. This drainage layer will trap excess water, so that soil dries, and offers a good grip to plant roots. Unlike other media, these rocks are a natural product, so you can be sure they won't release chemicals into the nutrients within your soil and water.

Why is a drainage layer useful?

Hydro rocks create a drainage layer which prevents your soil from becoming waterlogged, removes waste and creates a reservoir to ensure high moisture levels within your enclosure. Drainage layers are suitable for lifelong operation as they don't erode or degrade. With good a drainage layer system, you can create high humidity enclosures for rainforest animals like Chameleons and Dart frogs.

What do I need to buy with these hydro rocks?

When you buy hydro rocks, we recommend also buying hydro matting, this matting separates the rocks from the rest of your substrate while allowing water to drip through. This is important as the hydro rocks require space between them to remain in optimum condition and the substrate will fill the gaps without matting. 



Volume 9 litres
Suitable for 45cm x 45cm terrarium base
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