Arcadia EarthMix 5-10 ltrs

A rainforest substrate for terrariums and habitats

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  • High-quality substrate for any terrarium
  • Preloaded with organic matter and fertiliser
  • Supports bioactive custodians
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What is Arcadia EarthMix?

Arcadia Earthmix is an attractive natural and organic substrate. The very fine particles don't clump easily and aid drainage, it's also organic and loaded with full spectrum minerals, making it bio-active ready. Unlike Arcadia EarthMix Arid, this substrate is designed to be suitable for both wet and dry enclosures and can be used as a planting substrate to encourage plant growth. It contains warm manure and volcanic particulates, such as volcanic rock and volcanic lava, which helps to supply essential nutrients.

Why buy Arcadia EarthMix?

The substrate is pre-loaded with organic matter, instead of synthetic material, including warm worm manure to ensure fantastic plant growth and support bioactive custodians. However, the biggest benefit comes from the volcanic particles which supply essential minerals and convert animal waste into dry clumps that can easily be removed or digested in bio-active systems.

Is Arcadia EarthMix suitable for bioactive systems?

The substrate is fine and does not clump, completely organic and bioactive. The EarthMix can be used in all types of enclosures and can be used as a dry, arid substrate for arid species. The EarthMix substrate is a potent organic mix and is made in the UK to the highest standards by experts, ensuring that it is completely safe to be used with animals.

Which reptiles enjoy Arcadia EarthMix?

EarthMix is an outstanding addition to any enclosure but it is particularly good for Leopard geckos, Bearded dragons and Corn snakes. The substrate will naturally suit most lizard setups, snake setups and bioactive setups.



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