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Reptile Food

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Food

Food for all reptiles

While a reptile’s diet may conjure images of live Brown crickets and frozen mice, there’s a wide range of food that different types of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates like to eat. Our range of reptile food includes loads of high quality, nutritious products from leading brands like Arcadia, Exo Terra and Komodo catering to everything from Bearded dragons to Leopard geckos.

What do I feed reptiles?

While live reptile food and frozen food can offer a lot to many exotic pets, many species prefer a mixed diet. Our range of powered, dry and jellied foods are formulated to offer all the nutrients needed by your pet. We also offer canned and vacuum-packed food, which is an alternative way of keeping whole prey such as worms.

Why should I buy reptile food?

Our reptile food range offers specially formulated food that may have a better spread of vitamins and minerals than live prey, they can also be used to supplement a live prey diet. Reptile food is also a better choice for more squeamish reptile owners who don’t like the thought of handling livefood or frozen food. Finally, some species do prefer their reptile food over the alternatives.

What can reptiles not eat?

Reptiles have a specialist diet requiring very specific nutrients, many of the foods you would find on your dinner table can be unsuitable and even harmful to reptiles. Reptiles also have a much more complex dietary requirement than dogs and cats - so even if your pet pooch likes the odd scrap the same doesn't apply to your Crested geckos. Generally, we recommend sticking to the specific products and diets recommend for your pet. However, if your pet accidentally eats something or you want to try giving them simple fruit and veg, consult an expert. Our Swell Superstore team are always happy to take a question on reptile feeding habits and help responsible pet owners. One top tip from the team is not to let your reptiles feed upon live bugs found in the home or garden as they often carry parasites.

Where can I buy live food for my reptiles?

You can buy reptile live food right here at Swell Reptiles. Our live food range includes a wide selection of live crickets, worms, flies, locusts, cockroaches, woodlice and other bioactive custodians. All of our live reptile food comes from our live food supplier and is sent separately to any other items in your order via Royal Mail post. Reptile livefood is an incredibly popular source of nutrition for reptiles, amphibians, birds and even invertebrates as it encourages natural behaviour and reduces stress. While insects have a high protein content, they often need to be accompanied by vitamin powder or other supplements to ensure your reptile is getting the nutrition they require.

Can I buy frozen food for my reptiles?

Many reptile keepers often use frozen food to serve their pet fresh mammals and birds. At Swell Reptiles, we sell a wide selection of frozen mammals and birds including mice, rats, chicks, gerbils, hamsters and rabbits. This frozen food has been flash-frozen and is sent from a frozen food supplier straight to you, meaning that a frozen food order will arrive separately from anything else you order. Unlike live reptile food, frozen food is sent via premium courier service, to ensure it reaches you fresh and frozen, this costs an additional £9.99 and isn't covered in our free delivery offer. Frozen foods are only despatched Monday to Thursday, to avoid being in transit over the weekend and arriving defrosted.

What are the main types of reptile food?

We have 6 categories within our reptile food range; powder reptile food, dry reptile food, canned reptile food, aquatic reptile food, jelly pots and vacuum-packed reptile food. Powder reptile food is simply a powder that mixes with water to create a nutritious meal. Dry reptile food is similar to dry dog and cat food and can be served in pellets or flakes. Canned reptile food is canned live food like crickets and cockroaches. Aquatic reptile food is designed for hard-shelled and aquatic reptiles, as they often like to feed from and in water. Jelly pots contain nutritious jelly that can make for a great reptile meal. Finally, vacuum-packed reptile food is simply live prey that has been sealed in vacuum packaging.

What should I look for?

When buying reptile food, the most important thing is that you do plenty of research. Ensure you know exactly which food is right or wrong for your reptile and how much of it you will need to keep them constantly fed. Some reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates also need occasional starvation days so be sure to build that into any potential feeding plan.