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Komodo Complete Holistic Tortoise Diet (Dandelion Flavour)

A complete holistic dandelion-flavoured diet for your tortoise

At a glance...
  • Complete holistic dandelion-flavoured diet for tortoises
  • High quantities of fibre, calcium and phosphorous
  • A variety of sizes to stock up on
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A rarity in the world of reptile keeping due to their complicated nutritional requirements, Komodo Complete Holistic Tortoise Diet (Dandelion Flavour) is for most tortoise species, just what it says: A Complete Reptile diet.

Each jar (of which there are 4 sizes depending on your tortoise's appetite) contains several meals for your tortoise featuring every aspect of their overall health and wellbeing - a complete holistic tortoise diet.

Your reptile will love its natural flavour, and while the vegetation arrives with you dry, you can experiment to find your reptile's preferred taste by adding different quantities of water to see what level of saturation they enjoy the best.

  • Superior taste with natural flavours.
  • High in fibre.
  • Ca:P (Calcium to Phosphorous) of 3.5:1
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