Komodo Complete Holistic Tortoise Diet Mixed Flavour Taster Pack

Test out the Komodo Tortoise Diet range

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  • A selection of diets for your tortoise to taste test
  • Five 170g diets in each pack
  • Each diet is formulated to meet your pet’s needs
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This is a great way to work out exactly which feeds your tortoise will enjoy. It’s also a good option for adding a little variety, if your pet seems to be getting a little bored of their food.

What is the Komodo Complete Holistic Tortoise Diet Mixed Flavour Taster Pack?

The Komodo Complete Holistic Tortoise Diet Mixed Flavour Taster Pack is a sample pack of the five complete nutritional diet flavours offered by Komodo. In the pack, you will receive five 170g tubs of each of the Komodo tortoise diets. Each diet has been holistically formulated to provide a complete nutritional diet for popular tortoise species including both the Mediterranean tortoise and the Horsfield's tortoise. By testing each diet you can find the perfect balance of flavour and nutrition for your pet.

What do I get in this pack?

In this pack you will receive:

Where can I buy each flavour individually?

You can buy Komodo Banana Tortoise Diet, Komodo Cucumber Tortoise Diet, Komodo Dandelion Tortoise Diet, Komodo Fruit and Flower Tortoise Diet, Komodo Tortoise Diet Salad Mix all from Swell Reptiles. We offer all these ranges in 170g, 340g, 680g and 1kg tubs.

Is there anything else I should be aware of when feeding this pack to my tortoise?

This tortoise food is a complete diet and doesn't need to be fed alongside other fresh foods. You should remove uneaten food before it goes bad or attracts pests and follow any feeding instructions on each pack to ensure your tortoise gets the best feed possible.



Total weight 850g
Brand Komodo
Pack contents Komodo Banana Tortoise Diet 170g, Komodo Cucumber Tortoise Diet 170g, Komodo Dandelion Tortoise Diet 170g, Komodo Fruit & Flower Tortoise Diet 170g, Komodo Tortoise Diet Salad Mix 170g
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