ProRep Tortoise Food with Calcium and Vitamin D3 250g-1kg

A complete low protein diet suitable for all Mediterranea, Horsfield's and Sulcata tortoises

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  • Tortoise food with added calcium and D3
  • High Fibre, including essential long fibres and natural weeds
  • Available is three sizes
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Giving your tortoise the right level of nutrition is essential to their overall health and wellbeing, and doing so can sometimes be difficult without the help of specialised tortoise foods like this ProRep Tortoise Food with Calcium and Vitamin D3.

This specialised tortoise food is low in protein, meaning your tortoises muscles should simply maintain their current state on this food and not grow too much more. What it does have plenty of is Calcium and D3 - completely essential to your tortoise's health.

Calcium is the mineral that makes up the majority of their bone structure, as well as their hard shell. Without a good supply of it, their shell can become weak and soft, causing them discomfort, pain and can even be fatal. D3 fulfils an equally important role, allowing your tortoise's body to ingest the calcium it needs, like a biological catalyst - hugely important.

ProRep ProRep Tortoise Food with Calcium and Vitamin D3 is made up of 29 natural weeds your tortoise will love to munch on, formed into handy bite sized cobs for your tortoise to eat more easily.

A dry food, it is not cooked and therefore retains all of its natural nutrients, with a fruity smell that your tortoise will find more than appetising.

  • Low Protein.
  • Added Calcium and D3.
  • High Fibre, including essential long Fibres.
  • Low Grain Content.
  • Includes 29 Natural Weeds and Grasses.

Great for Mediterranean species of tortoise and Horsfield tortoise.

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