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Reptile On-Off Thermostats

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile On-Off Thermostats

Simple and safe heat control

It is important that once you have a heating system in place within your pet’s enclosure it is controlled by a thermostat. To help you control your ceramic and mat heaters we have a range of helpful on/off thermostats from leading reptile brands like Exo Terra and Habistat.

What are on/off thermostats?

On/off thermostats are the simplest form of thermostat. They monitor the temperature within your enclosure and switch your heat mat or ceramic heater on or off to regulate it. This is quite effective for a heat mat or ceramic heater but will not work as well with a bulb as it could result in a lot of switching on and off that might cause it to break.

Why should I buy on/off thermostats?

If you are setting up a heating system with a heating mat or ceramic heater, an on/off thermostat is a great choice. As the simplest form of thermostat, they are generally quite cheap and easily replaced. Some of the more complex models can manage several devices or monitor other conditions like humidity.

What are the main types of on/off thermostats?

On/off thermostats all vary in terms of extra features but are generally quite similar. Depending on how many devices you need to manage, whether you want a digital display or an analogue dial and if you need to manage several conditions, you can expect to pay a lot more or less for your thermostat.

What should I look for?

Buying an on/off thermostat is really about finding the right product for your heating system, if you have a lot of devices to manage you may need to invest in a more advanced system. When it comes to setting your thermostat, be sure to do plenty of research into your pet and their heating needs.