HabiStat 600w Temperature Thermostat

Maintain your reptile's habitat temperature

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  • Simple On/Off thermostats for use with reptile heating equipment
  • Can control heat mats, reptile radiators and heat cables
  • Available in 2 colours with a 5 year guarantee
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Simplistic and reliable, the HabiStat Temp Thermostat is a standard On/Off Thermostat made to an exceptionally high quality, allowing you a degree of automation in the maintenance of your reptile's habitat temperature.

With a single 600w output, it can control all types of reptile heating equipment, including heat mats, reptile radiators and heat cables (although a Dimming thermostat is recommended for spot lamps), turning them on and off accordingly with the data collected by the remote sensor placed in your vivarium or terrarium which monitors the temperature.

When your heating equipment is switched on, the thermostat's indicator light will be lit, and the unit can be calibrated in either Fahrenheit or Celsius depending on your preference.

  • "On" indicator light.
  • Waterproof remote sensor.
  • Perfect for both terrariums and vivariums.
  • Best used with HabiStat Heating equipment.
  • 5 Years Guarantee.
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