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Frozen Chicks

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Help and advice on shopping for: Frozen Chicks

A great small feeder

Chicks have been a popular choice among reptile breeders for years as they are pretty cheap and popular with a lot of medium reptiles. Our range of frozen chicks includes various pack sizes, from as little as 10 chicks up to 250 bulk buys.

What are frozen chicks?

Frozen chicks are newly hatched chickens that have been farm bred and flash frozen. They are brilliant food for medium lizards and snakes and can be used to scent other food items to help get fussy eaters to feed. Frozen chicks contain high levels of calcium and protein, making them great for developing reptiles in need of nutrition.

Why should I buy frozen chicks?

Frozen chicks are cheap and very popular amongst reptiles, such as Carpet Pythons that have been known to often snatch birds out of the air in the wild. They are very easy to store in a freezer away from your own food and then all you need to do is thaw them out and serve them to give your pet a healthy meal. Frozen chicks are great for smaller animals and fussy eaters if they can handle the beaks, as they are the natural prey of many reptiles.

What are the main types of frozen chicks?

All of our frozen chicks are the same so the main difference in the range is between the different sizes of packs we offer. Our packs start at 10 in a pack and run up to 250 in a pack. Which pack you buy will depend on the number of animals you’re trying to feed and the amount of space you have to store the frozen chicks.

What should I look for?

The needs of your pet always come first so be sure to check whether they can eat frozen chicks. If you’re unsure about whether they will enjoy frozen chicks we recommend buying a 10 pack to try them on and then bulk buying if they like them.