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Help and advice on shopping for: Pythons Livestock

Pythons help and advice

Find the perfect Python pet

One of the most popular reptile pets is the Python. Pythons are intelligent snakes that are often quite docile. We have many different Pythons at Swell Reptiles, including the reptile keeping favourite the Royal Python.

What are Pythons?

Pythons are a group of constrictors native to the Old World, with many Australian, African and Asian examples. These snakes are seen by some as the ‘typical’ snake with their iconic flecked patterned scales. Pythons can grow up to incredible sizes, with some as big as 20ft long, whilst others remain a more manageable size, such as the tiny Pygmy python hailing from Australia.

Why should I buy a Python?

If you want a truly impressive pet Snake that doesn’t mind being handled, Pythons are ideal. Most pythons are quite docile and will tolerate being handled a few times a week. Caring for a Python can be a little expensive to begin with, as you need large enclosures and plenty of decor, but it’s also lots of fun and highly rewarding. Most Pythons live between 20-30 years although there are some claims of Pythons living up to 50 years.

What are the main types of Python?

There are almost fifty different species of Python and we have many of these for sale at Swell Reptiles. However, our stock changes depending on availability and demand, meaning that the only way to check which Pythons are currently up for adoption is to check this page. Our most popular Pythons include Royal pythons, sometimes called Ball pythons, and Carpet pythons.

What should I look for when purchasing a Python?

If you would like to adopt a Python, we will need you to come into our Swell Superstore. At the store, we will ask to see some pictures of the enclosure you have built for your Python and give you a short interview to check you are prepared to care for a Python. We reserve the right to refuse the adoption of any animal to anyone who we feel is unprepared to look after their pet.