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Milk and King Snake Livestock

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Help and advice on shopping for: Milk and King Snake Livestock

Milk and King snakes help and advice

A cunning and iconic pet

Milk and King snakes are popular pets thanks to their long length and a wide variety of colourings. We have a huge range of Milk and King snakes at Swell Reptiles, including some of the most vibrant species like the Nuevo Leon King Snake.

What are Milk and King snakes?

The term ‘King snake’ refers to a group of colubrid snakes that prey upon other snakes as a part of their diet. Of the King snakes, Milk snakes are the most popular variety. King snakes kill their prey via constriction and so are non-venomous and pose little danger to humans. Most King snakes come from North and Central America, meaning that they tend to like high and dry heat, making them quite easy to care for.

Why should I buy Milk and King snakes?

All King snakes make great pets thanks to their striking appearance and easy to meet husbandry requirements. Although they are known to be a little flighty, most King snakes are easy to tame with a little work. King snakes shouldn’t be kept with other snakes due to their cannibalistic nature. Keeping King snakes is fairly inexpensive once you get the initial set-up cost out of the way.

What are the main types of Milk and King snakes?

There are quite a few species and subspecies of King snakes, coming in almost as many colours and patterns as Corn snakes. We often have a wide selection of King snakes at Swell Reptiles, however, different species come in and out of the store depending on availability, meaning that the only way to know what we have in is to check this page.

What should I look for when purchasing a Milk or King snake?

Before you adopt your Milk and King snake we will ask you to come to the Swell Superstore. At the store, we will ask you to show us some pictures of the enclosure you’ve created for your Snake and run through a couple of questions with you to find out if you’re ready to adopt. We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone we feel is unprepared to adopt. To help you prepare to adopt a Milk and King snake we sell lots of great products including enclosures, feed and more.