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Aspen shaving bedding for snakes

Aspen substrates are ideal for cryptic reptiles that like to hide, as this light bedding creates the perfect deep substrate for your pet. Our selection of aspen shaving substrates includes top brands like Zoo Med, HabiStat and Exo Terra, which are ideal for pets that tolerate low humidity.

What is aspen bedding?

Aspen bedding substrates are shavings and chips from aspen trees. They’re used to line the floor of a reptile enclosure. Aspen is inexpensive wood bedding suitable for reptiles and snakes, especially Royal pythons, that don't require humidity.

What is aspen bedding made of?

Aspen shaving bedding is a type of substrate made from the wood of the Aspen tree. It comes in the form of shavings that are made from non-toxic shredded wood. Aspen substrates are extremely popular as snake bedding, being both soft and warm for your scaly friend. It offers a safe, naturalistic environment in which snakes can form burrows and nests just as they would in the wild.

What are the benefits of aspen over similar substrates?

Aspen substrates are ideal for non-tropical snakes that do not require high humidity. In contrast to soil-based substrates, aspen bedding does not get stuck in snakes' heat pits or noses. This type of bedding is ideal for burrowers, such as Leopard geckos, because it has larger pieces and looser bedding. When it comes to spot cleaning and changing out bedding, aspen is light and fluffy, making it simple to handle. It is extremely absorbent, and also dust-free, so the bedding will quickly soak up any waste or water spillages in your enclosure.

What are the main types of aspen substrates?

All of our aspen is soft, woody bedding that helps create a fresh-smelling, clean vivarium. Aspen makes it easy to clean up waste and the wood is soft. Our range of aspen substrates can be divided by size and brand. How much substrate your vivarium will need is an important factor to consider as it will make sure your snake has enough bedding to burrow into.

What should I look for?

When selecting a substrate, keep in mind the native habitat of your pet and the type of flooring they are used to. Aspen shaving bedding is a perfect substrate for Corn snakes, Milk snakes and King snakes as well as Blue-tongued skinks, some Monitor lizards and many other exotic pets. It's also essential to understand how terrarium substrates work to be able to utilise them effectively for terrarium and vivarium setups.