Whether it’s a bearded dragon, leopard gecko or even an Uromastyx, we know that you want your pet to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

That’s why we have sat down with some of our in-house experts to offer up some of the best substrates that are targeted specifically for desert reptiles.

Swell Natural Sand - This is the ideal material for replicating the desert reptile’s natural environment, as well as creating a genuinely attractive environment in your vivarium.

Swell Natural Sand will also have a positive effect on your desert reptiles behaviour by encouraging digging and other natural behaviour. Swell Natural Reptile Sand is exactly what we use in our very own beardie vivarium at Swell HQ.

Cage carpet – For when your desert reptile is in need of a little TLC the cage carpet can be the perfect vivarium accessory. Its absorbent, soft surface skin is kind to the soft belly of your reptile and can even be used as a base for use other loose substrates such as repti-sand.

Best of all the cage carpet is safe for use with your reptile, as well as being clean, odourless and absorbent.

Swell Premium Aspen bedding / Swell Soft Chip – These quick and easy substrates can make changing your desert reptile cage a real doddle.

As well as being easy to clean and generally aesthetically pleasing, they also work as great insulation for keeping your desert reptiles warm on those colder days.

And because they are our own brands they are just as good but a good deal cheaper than other brands.