Swell Premium Natural Reptile Sand 4kg

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Opt for the healthy, natural option in your choice of substrate, but pay less for it by getting Swell Reptiles Premium Natural Reptile Sand 4kg bags - amazing prices!


  • Premium Sand 4kg
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Product Information

Swell Premium Natural Sand is a perfect bedding for any reptiles that live in a desert or dry, arid environment, such as bearded dragons or leopard geckos. The latest product in the Swell price match own brand range, it will not only make a desert vivarium look great but also save you money. Swell Quality.... Better price!


Swell Premium Natural Sand is an ideal desert substrate for bearded dragons, leopard geckos and any other reptiles that live in a dry, arid environment.

The silica sand is natural and an excellent heat conductor. It will also encourage burrowing and egg laying.

It has no added dyes or chemicals and will give an authentic natuiral habitat to your desert vivarium.

Because it's part of Swell's own brand range, it will also save you money when compared with similar reptile sand products by bigger brands. The sand is available in 4kg bags.

For a clean fresh-smelling vivarium, add a one-inch layer and replace soiled substrate each week. Replace the entire substrate every six weeks.

At a glance:

  • Ideal for bearded dragons
  • Perfect for leopard geckos
  • Cheaper than bigger brands
  • Excellent heat conductor
  • Encourages burrowing

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