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ProRep Beardie Life 10kg

The ideal substrate for Bearded dragons and other desert species

At a glance...
  • Sand substrate for Bearded dragons
  • Designed to mimic a natural sandy soil environment
  • Encourages digging and foraging
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Beardie LIFE has been designed specifically to mimic the desert environment of Bearded Dragons, mixing sand with a soil substrate to create a more natural enclosure than pure sand, which is quite rare in the wild.

This substrate is realistic in both its look and feel, and encourages a more natural behaviour from your pet, such as the ability to dig and forage efficiently. The risks of impaction are also lower than a pure sand substrate, meaning your Bearded Dragon is healthier, as well as happier.

The soil part of the mixture also means that there is a higher humidity content in the substrate, which is more natural for your pet, as often they deeper they dig into a substrate, the more humid it should be, which is not the case for the pure sands often used for reptiles. The recreation of a burrow or underground hide will help with seasonal changes such as breeding, as well as shedding. This can be achieved by spraying a specific area or burrow, to create a localised damp area, as would be experienced in the wild.


  • Simply spread across the floor of the enclosure, using rocks or other decor to create natural hides and burrows. For animals that prefer to dig, provide a deeper level of substrate.
  • Live plants can be used, ideally best kept in their pots rather than being transplanted into the substrate.
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