FLASH SALE - Get 10% off with code: FLASH

FLASH SALE - Get 10% off with code: FLASH

At a glance...
  • Natural look feeding dish integrates in any terrarium
  • Easy to clean, non-porous and smooth surface
  • Available in 3 sizes, all coated with a protective layer to prevent bacteria growth
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Simple, durable and still extremely effective for pellet foods and veg, these Exo Terra Feeding dishes are perfect for your reptile's terrarium or vivarium. They are also very stable so will not be easily tipped over, even by your larger reptiles.

Each one has a natural look to it, appearing like a flat crevice in a rock found in the wild - one your reptile will be glad to see full of their favourite food. The dishes are made from a durable food-grade resin that is non-toxic and more than capable of withstanding the environmental conditions inside your reptile's habitat.

All 3 sizes are coated with a protective layer to prevent the growth of bacteria, making it both easier to clean and more hygienic for your reptile, and the natural light brown colour allows these dishes to effortlessly blend into most reptile environments - excellent for desert and tropical vivs!

Product Dimensions (approx)
Feeding Dish - Medium L:14 x W:11 x D:1cm
Feeding Dish - Large L:20 x W:17 x D:2cm
Feeding Dish - X-Large L:28 x W:21 x D:3cm
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