Swell Dial Thermometer

Thermometer gauges for monitoring terrarium temperature levels

At a glance...
  • An analogue thermometer that monitors vivarium temperature
  • Comes with double sided self-adhesive tape for easy installation
  • Range of -20°C and +40°C
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What is the Swell Dial Thermometer?

Swell Dial Thermometers are small high range thermometers designed for reptile keepers. The thermometers are kept to the same standards as those used in industrial applications and come with double-sided self-adhesive tape for easy installation on any surface, from glass to stainless steel. As these are part of our range of Swell products, we regularly use them in our animal enclosures and can vouge for their long-term quality and accuracy.

Why do I need a dial thermometer?

Looking after a reptile means replicating an exotic animal's natural environment, and the most important factor is temperature, quickly followed by lighting and humidity. Since most reptiles come from either desert or rainforest habitats, there is a very particular temperature that must be maintained. With dial thermometers, you can quickly check the pointer to see that the correct temperature is being maintained, that your hardware is working correctly and your pet's safety is being maintained.



Brand Swell
Celsius? Yes
Fahrenheit? Yes
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