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Reptile Light Canopies

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Help and advice on shopping for: Reptile Light Canopies

The perfect terrarium topper

Reptile light canopies are a popular choice among reptile keepers as they are easily set up and sit neatly above many terrariums. Our range of reptile light canopies offers everything you need to set up a lighting system above your enclosure, including products from leading brands like Arcadia and Exo Terra.

What are reptile light canopies?

Reptile light canopies are light fixtures designed to be placed over the top of an enclosure to produce lots of UVA and UVB for your reptile, amphibian or invertebrate during the day. Some canopies are designed to be suspended while others can be attached to the roof of an enclosure. All canopies come with a light fitting, also called a controller, and a reflective sheath - some also include a bulb while others allow you to buy a separate bulb to suit your pet.

Why should I buy reptile light canopies?

If you’re looking for a new lighting solution, reptile light canopies contain everything you need to get started and get the most out of your bulbs. Light canopies are easy to install and sometimes work out a lot cheaper than buying a controller and reflector separately. Light canopies can be a great choice for smaller enclosures, such as Corn snake and Leopard gecko terrariums.

What are the main types of reptile light canopies?

Each reptile light canopy is different but they can be split by the type of light they are designed to produce. While the bulb will be the defining factor in the light produced, different light canopies are designed to make the most of different intensities to give your pet the right amount of UVA and UVB they need to perform multiple biological processes.

What should I look for?

When buying light canopies, the key is to get whatever fulfils your pet’s needs. Research your pets ideal lighting then try to match it as closely as possible. Be sure to take note of the size and wattage of your canopy as well, this will decide what bulbs you can fit in it, so you can get a good idea of whether the right bulb for your pet is compatible.