Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit - Desert 12%

An outstanding desert reptile light for any species

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  • Highly adaptable lighting kit producing UV-rich light
  • Links up to multiple kits
  • Fix inside a vivarium or place upon a wire mesh glass terrarium
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What is this Arcadia Pro T5 UVB Kit?

The Arcadia Pro T5 Kit Desert is a complete reptile lighting kit for arid desert enclosures featuring a specially curved reflector, controller and bulb. These high output T5 complete kits are ideal for installing within a vivarium, but can also be installed outside over a mesh top enclosure. They come in a choice of three sizes, 24w, 39w and 54w, so you can find the correct kit for your enclosure.

How do you install this Pro T5 Kit?

These units come complete and ready to install. Multiple units can also be linked together, up to 10 units into one suitable single power source using the free link cable provided. They are the professional choice for essential UV-B and come with a specially curved reflector and your chosen bulb, giving you everything you need to install.

These kits can either be screwed into the canopy of your enclosure or they can be suspended over your enclosure to give as much light as possible. Just install, link if needed, and then you'll be ready to turn your lights on.

Why should I buy this Pro T5 UVB Kit?

The Pro T5 Kit is small but mighty. This is due to the sleek design and the type of reflector that is included. This easy-to-remove and clean reflector has 2 angles of reflection from the side of each curve to project as much light forward as possible. This means that ProT5 projects high levels of UV-rich light directly beneath the unit at around 12"/30cm to create a basking zone while also providing a wide flood as light spreads out over a distance.

The kit creates a suitable UV-B provision for any species over a wide area. The units are high-quality electronics boasting flicker-free technology, a removable reflector, and included power cable, switch, fittings kit, link cable and bulb.

Does this Arcadia Pro T5 Kit come with a bulb?

This UVB Kit Desert 12% comes with the Arcadia high-output T5 12% Desert bulb. The Arcadia D3+ Reptile Lamp has a higher UV light output than most reptile strip lights - a healthy 12% UV, better simulating the natural light your reptile would have received in desert conditions, where foliage and cloud cover are limited and your reptile would bask in the full heat and UV-rich light of the sun.

What is a basking UV and why do reptiles need it?

A basking UV bulb allows your reptile to synthesise vitamin D3 - an essential reptile process - allowing them to assimilate the dietary calcium in their food and turn it into strong and healthy bones, avoiding otherwise common deformities and MBD.




Brand Arcadia
Fitting T5


Product Fitting length Bulb
ProT5 Kit 12% 24W 570mm 550mm bulb (22")
ProT5 Kit 12% 39W 870mm 850mm bulb (34")
ProT5 Kit 12% 54W 1170mm 1150 bulb (46")

UV Index Guide

Distance 6% Forest UV Index 12% Desert UV Index 14% Dragon UV Index
12" 4.50 8.50 (too high) 10.50 (too high)
15" 3.60 6.50 7.00
20" 2.50 3.80 4.60
24" 1.20 2.40 3.20
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